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What Do You Want?

Here’s a question that you’ll probably love and hate: What do you want? What is it that you desire? Most likely you can answer that with a shaky confidence. On one hand, you know exactly what you want—and on the other, you are doubting what you think you want. See what I mean? From my short and somewhat experienced (just enough to be dangerous) 27 years on this earth, I’m learning more and more that people actually don’t know what they truly want, and when they are asked that question—they need some more time to think about it.

What I’m realizing as I walk with people through life, that this lack of knowing what we want gives us a lack of clarity, and when we lack clarity, we end up doing a bunch of stuff that at the end of the day holds no value at all. Maybe I’ll re-ask the question this way: Where are you going? Can you and I, with confidence, paint a beautiful picture for this world of what we want and where we want to go? Let’s sum that up in a word that I love deeply: VISION.

Jesus loved to ask people that question:

“What do you want?”

He’d ask this to a blind man, He asked this to a woman suffering from an illness for years with no hope, and He continues to ask us the same question today— “What do you want?”

There is nothing more beautiful to me than saying the words, “Can you imagine…” and painting a picture for people to wander and stroll through their minds and imaginations with. Vision is powerful. Vision gives purpose. Vision creates hope.

We, Collective Community, are a group of people who desperately want to see people find belonging and purpose. Dreaming of a people who are radically devoted to Jesus and to one another is what we are after. We want to see all people find their deepest desires met in the Gospel. We want to passionately worship with hundreds of people across the Bay Area. We want to create spaces where people can grow spiritually and relationally in diverse contexts. We want to see the tech workers and bartenders, the business women and tattoo artists, the barbers and all the broken alike—find a home in Collective.

Everything we do revolves around Jesus and people. And those two things go together better than any combination you can throw at me. I hope and pray that you’ll join us in striving towards our vision.

Now, what do you want?

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